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Classic Salads

Established in 2000 by long-time Salinas Valley farmer Lance Batistich, Classic Salads is a leader in the production and distribution of gourmet baby leaf lettuces and specialty vegetables.


Their world-class products are 100% US grown using the highest industry standards to exceed your expectations for freshness and quality.


From spring mix and baby vegetables to micro greens and heirloom tomatoes, Classic Salads delivers nature’s best, the best way possible—farm fresh to you.

Church Brothers

Church Brothers Farms is a vertically-integrated family owned and operated company that produces a full line of fresh vegetables year round with an in-house farming/harvest program and state of the art processing plant, True Leaf Farms.


They are a grower-owned processor, farming the majority raw product; adhering to industry-leading food safety and quality standards. The Church family has a legacy of service and innovation.


With more than sixty years of history, the roots of the Sunview brand run deep. The family has lived and farmed in the Central Valley of California for over 3 generations. They are proud to bring the fruits of our vineyards to your family table. The long sunny days in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley create ideal climate conditions for growing grapes.


Sunview is known for their premium brands, Stella Bella but grow and pack a wide variety of red, green and black seedless grapes.

Taylor Farms

Their story began in the Salinas Valley, affectionately called America’s Salad Bowl. It was here, where Bruce Taylor followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and became the third generation to work in the fresh produce business.

In 1995, Bruce and several partners founded Taylor Fresh Foods. A new company with a new vision was born – to be North America’s favorite maker of salads and healthy fresh foods.

Lipman Produce

Lipman is America's largest field tomato grower.


They consider themselves Earth-conscious family farmers, tomato experts, freshness freaks with a passion to deliver the very best of nature.


With more than 30 locations to farm, pack and ship produce throughout North America, they grow year-round in optimal conditions that allow for the highest yield per plant.

G&C Foods

Incorporated in 1976, G&C Food Distributors is a Food Service re-distributor of refrigerated, frozen and dry food headquartered in Syracuse, NY.


They store and deliver over 4,000 food items specializing in center-of-plate meat products, they are serious about delivering your order on time and in perfect condition.

B&B Produce

B&B Produce is a premier packer and shipper of North Carolina grown sweet potatoes and yams for over four decades. B&B prides it's on delivering premium quality sweet potatoes to wholesale distributors nationwide and in Europe. B&B is known for it's premium label, Sun Beauty potatoes and also carriers, a range of sizes of covington, murasaki and beauregard varieties.

Kingston Fresh

The family-owned Kingston Fresh has its roots in agriculture, dating back to the 1970’s when CEO, Dave Kingston, transformed the former Hurley Produce into a budding local success in the produce industry.


Having been pioneers in the potato and onion industries ever since, Kingston has promoted progressive, safe farming methods while utilizing its multifaceted experience of hands-on commitment to grow and market exceptional quality produce around the world.

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