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Our Brands

Zafar Produce

Zafar Produce has been in business for 26 years and at this point it’s safe to say we are produce experts.


Zafar produce sources seasonal local produce in addition to national and international products year round.


From apples to onions to herbs, we guarantee the highest quality standards and the best direct from farm pricing. From field to fork we’ve got the freshest produce around!

Zafar Royal Foods

Yes, we have meat. We’re not just produce anymore!

Zafar Royal is a USDA certified meat processing facility located down the road from Zafar headquarters. We are most famous for our daily fresh-made ground beef, sausages, hamburger patties and meatballs.


Royal Foods has been a staple in the local community for over 3 decades. In 2013 Zafar acquired Royal Foods. Joining our team was the previous owner who brought years of meat and poultry expertise.

If you have a special request for meat trimming, processing, or oven-ready preparation please contact us to place your special order at

Zafar King Z

Have you seen our new boxes? If not, you will soon see more of King Z!


King Z is a recently launched private label that will be applied by our packers to brand our range of produce commodities.


Zafar Market

You don’t need an account to shop with us!


The perishables on the shelves at our market are rotated daily to offer the freshest products available.


If you live in the area and are looking for a low-cost alternative to the supermarkets we can guarantee our produce, meat and grocery selection will cost you less!


Don't see what you are looking for in our market? Just ask. We have an entire warehouse of inventory available.

Zafar Produce
Royal Food
King Z
Zafar Market

A&Z Trucking

A sister corporation, A&Z trucking is a nationwide freight solutions provider.


The corporation was established in 2003, with headquarters in New Windsor, New York, and a satellite offices in, Hunts Point, NY; Salinas, California, and Rockville, Maryland.


The company was built on refrigerated Less-than-load (LTL) solutions for customers in California, Arizona, Washington, Florida, Georgia, Texas and Philadelphia.


If you are in need of a long-haul logistics provider, load consolidation or cross docking services,

learn more about A&Z trucking.

A&Z Trucking
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