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Food Safety

Owners, management and workers of Zafar are dedicated to receiving, handling, storing and shipping safe produce products through the implementation of a comprehensive food safety program.Zafar is committed to providing the resources for our workers to implement not only a comprehensive food safety program but a high quality food safety program.

Every year we complete a voluntary third-party good safety audit to be a Primus GFS certified facility.


2016 Primus GFS Certificate.

Key components of our food safety program include:

  • Participate in food safety educational opportunities to stay up to date with best GMPs, HACCP, security and other food safety practices

  • Establish a food safety team that is well trained on implementing a quality program

  • Create and implement clear and concise standard operating procedures (SOPs) for key food safety practices in the areas of good manufacturing practices (GMPs)

  • Create and implement a comprehensive hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) program

  • Create and periodically review food safety policies and practices that continually improve our program

  • Train workers on key food safety practices including worker hygiene

  • Review our entire food safety program on an annual basis and implement changes with the goal of continued improvement

  • Follow all local and federal food safety laws

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