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Services Offered

Are you a restaurant owner? The majority of our customers are food service accounts including gourmet restaurants, farm to table cafes, American corporate chains, diners, pizzerias and specialty markets. Interested in becoming a customer? To apply for a new account with us please complete and email our business application.

We offer delivery for many of our customers but you can also pick-up at our warehouse in New Windsor, NY. For larger pick up orders we offer assisted loading from a new refrigerated dock. If you have an immediate need or just a small order, feel free to shop at our market.

Our corporate headquarters is home to our experienced team of associates. All our associates have many years of experience in the produce and food industry and are relentless in their attempt to continuously exceed our customers’ expectations.


Our warehouse is fully temperature-controlled and provides the flexibility of managing temperatures between 34˚ and 60˚ Fahrenheit to ensure maximum freshness.

Logistics Solutions

With our expanding network of local and international customers, our commercial truck fleet is always growing. We currently serve customers in the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey areas with a brand new fleet of commercial trucks. The safety of our team and the community we serve is extremely important at Zafar. We have comprehensive maintenance agreements with our suppliers to ensure that our trucks always meet the highest safety standards in the industry.

Our drivers have all undergone extensive safety training and are always equipped with the latest safety resources available. In addition to undergoing continuous safety training, Zafar Produce’s drivers attend a series of product knowledge training courses. They are extremely familiar with the product they deliver and are always available to assist customers with questions about their order.


If you are interested learning about long haul, full truck load and less-than-load (LTL) logistics provider, please contact our sister corporation: A&Z Trucking

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