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Corporate Profile

Zafar Produce, Inc., with headquarters in New Windsor, New York, was founded in 1990. Since our inception, we have been providing top-quality produce to our customers, both locally and internationally. Zafar Produce prides itself in ensuring that the product quality, pricing and customer service we provide is unmatched in this industry. We work very closely with our suppliers and are extremely familiar with their operations.

At Zafar Produce, we are confident that the fruits and vegetables we deliver are of premier quality. From the day we opened our doors for business, we have operated Zafar Produce with honesty and integrity. We deeply care for our customers and treat them with utmost respect.

Corporate Facility


Zafar Produce’s modern warehouse facility is located on Corporate Drive in New Windsor, New York. We continuously evaluate the infrastructure and efficiency of our ASI and Steritech certified facility to ensure that we are always equipped to meet the growing needs of our customers. Through the years, the warehouse has undergone several renovations which have resulted in increased capacity and operational efficiency.

Our warehouse is fully temperature-controlled and provides the flexibility of managing temperatures between 34˚ and 60˚ Fahrenheit to ensure maximum freshness. For the convenience of our customers, we offer separate loading and receiving docks.

Our corporate headquarters is home to our experienced team of associates. All our well-seasoned associates have many years of experience in the produce industry and are relentless in their attempt to continuously exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Commercial Fleet


With our expanding network of local and international customers, our commercial truck fleet is always growing. We currently serve our local customers with a very modern fleet of commercial trucks. The safety of our team and the community we serve is of extreme importance to Zafar Produce. Our fleet is composed of commercial trucks ranging in age from zero to three years. We have comprehensive maintenance agreements with our suppliers to ensure that our trucks always meet the highest safety standards in the industry.

Our drivers have all undergone extensive safety training and are always equipped with the latest safety resources available in the market. In addition to undergoing continuous safety training, Zafar Produce’s drivers attend a series of product knowledge training courses. They are extremely familiar with the product they deliver and are always available to assist customers with order placement. Our truck drivers will always go above and beyond to address any special requests or concerns a customer may have.